McClure Company

We are pleased to announce…

McClure Company and Burns Mechanical from Philadelphia have joined forces in a management led private acquisition of the firms from Talen Energy. MBMH, LLC, was created as a vehicle for conducting the transaction and a platform for future growth. Together, McClure and Burns will cooperate fully to achieve mutual success.

The two firms are longtime sister companies, most recently operating under the umbrella of Talen Energy Services. The companies will continue to work under their existing company management structures. McClure president, Chip Brown, has been with the firm for 32 years and has served in his current capacity since 2002. Burns president, Dan Kerr, PE, was a 16-year veteran of McClure prior to joining Burns in 2013. The management teams together can boast more than 500 combined years of experience in the industry at McClure and Burns.

The McClure and Burns brands will remain unchanged and the companies will continue to provide value added mechanical and energy services to their clients.

Collectively, the firms deliver $174 Million in annual revenues through six offices throughout Pennsylvania, including: Horsham, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, State College, Williamsport, and Washington.

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