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Service Controls

Energy efficient, Open source and user customized are the core concepts of our service controls department.

Possessing a wide variety certifications and deep technical knowledge, our automation department can work on a plethora of BAS systems to repair, maintain and modernize them to fit our customer's needs. Partnering with American Auto Matrix provides the McClure Company a platform to offer our customers the latest in building automation development. From central plants to terminal equipment to distributed HVAC networks, the AAM system contains solutions for a variety of equipment control applications. Furthermore the AAM control system is built on the JACE/Tridium hardware, and offers a multitude of communication protocols making it a leader in automation versatility.

McClure Company has technicians knowledgeable in several other control platforms such as:

  • Honeywell
  • JCI Metasys
  • Trane, Lon talk
  • Trane, Tracer
  • Siemens, Appogee
  • Automated Logic
  • BACnet, N2, MODbus

Contact us today, and explore how our service control department can provide a solution that's right for you.