Mechanical Services


The predecessor to DDC controls, pneumatic controls still have a strong presence in todays HVAC industry.

Operating valves, dampers, VAVs and thermostatic control, pneumatics are integral to many of the industry's operations. McClure offers a skilled service team well versed in pneumatics, and ready to resolve any issue that may arise.

McClure Company offers service and repair of pneumatic systems in the following areas:

  • Air Compressor maintenance and repair
  • Calibration of pneumatic thermostats
  • Troubleshooting, Diagnosis and Repair of pneumatic main and line air pressure problems.
  • Retrofit to DDC pneumatic wireless thermostats for standalone operation or for interface to building DDC system
  • Retrofit of pneumatic valves with DDC actuators or E/P transducers
  • Repair and replacement of faulty pneumatic devices (such as thermostats, valves, damper actuators, air dryers, regulators and receiver controllers)
  • Preventive maintenance contracts for entire pneumatic systems