Mechanical Services


McClure Company Boiler Services offers a complete range of boiler repair and maintenance services.

With nearly 45 years of experience, we have seen every type of boiler - old and new, inside and out. Whether you are looking to prolong the life of a aging boiler, or make sure you keep a new boiler operating at peak efficiency, McClure Boiler Services is the company to call. Building owners need to comply with all jurisdictional required inspections. McClure has the expertise and the code-compliance knowledge that comes with nearly Five decades of experience.

Our Boiler Inspection services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Internal & External equipment inspections
  • Annual inspections
  • Testing & maintenance of safety valves, cutoffs & limit controls

We provide a comprehensive selection of boiler repair services.

Our services include:

  • Retubing Partial or complete retubing
  • Watertube & firetube boilers
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • All welding repairs; boiler shell plate, tubesheets, headers, staybolts, handholes/ manholes, faceplates, doors, breechings & supports
  • Pipe Fabrication: steam, water & gas piping to ASME or API code, X-Ray quality welding
  • Safety, blowdown, stop & check valves; gauges, test connections, watercolumn piping, feed pumps, cutoffs, preheaters & backflow preventers 
  • Refractory Firebrick chambers, burner tile, venturi rings, dry oven rings & all refractory repairs
  • Cast Iron Boilers Replacement of sections, seals, pushnipples, headers & manifolds
  • Hot Water Coils Replacement or repairs
  • Mixing Valves Rebuilding or replacement

A clean boiler saves you money, because it burns more efficiently and lasts longer. Since 1953 we have has stressed the importance of regular and complete boiler cleaning as part of our clients' ongoing preventive maintenance and fuel-efficiency programs.

Our boiler cleaning services include:

  • Boiler fireside, flue & chimney base cleaning
  • Re-gasketing / re-lining of access doors
  • Repair / Replace door fasteners