Performance Contracting

Performance Contracting

Also known as guaranteed energy savings agreements or energy service agreements, Performance Contracting is legislation that allows government entities, including schools, counties and municipalities, to leverage wasted utility dollars to pay for permanent capital improvements.

McClure Company’s turnkey services provides customers with a list of viable energy conservation measures (ECMs) that will provide energy and operational savings. The upgrades, or ECMs, are paid for, either fully or partially, by the utility and operation savings generated by the measures. Following the project, McClure Company will measure and verify the savings to ensure the actual savings are equal or greater than what is predicted. 

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Project Development

The project development and estimating teams evaluate your immediate energy and operational needs as well as your long-term objectives. Our team places great emphasis on clearly understanding your project goals in order to make sure we deliver a solution, not just a set of capabilities.

Design/Build Engineering

The design/build engineering team recognizes the importance of careful planning. During the design phase, our engineers create a blueprint for your project that meets code, technical, and campus requirements. We work with you to define the project scope and project specifications.

Construction & Installation

The construction and installation team ensures a well thought-out design does not get lost during the implementation phase. We take pride in our culture of safety, award-winning craftsmanship and always walking away from a job we are proud to call our own.

Performance Assurance

The performance and assurance team focuses on project savings verification of and dependable operation. During measurement and verification testing, activities such as metering, utility bill analysis and other performance activities are executed and documented.